About US

Our Mission: We support you and we boost your talent to build strong businesses

To empower talented and results-oriented people by granting them full access to tools, resources, software, training and a vast commercial network of manufacturers, staff, mentors, lenders and investors, through which we manage to unleash all of their complete potential, equipping entrepreneurs with new skills, expertise and knowledge, and creating a synergistic environment and community that exponentially catalyzes their businesses growth.
To help entrepreneurs to develop from scratch, from the conceptualization of an idea to the sale of products and or services and everything in between, so that they can become prosperous and profitable businesses, causing a lasting generational economic impact, that will benefit them, their families and their communities.

Our Vision: We will continue to expand, forging the business leaders of tomorrow

Our organization will become the ideal business partner in the United States, and ultimately the world, for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a new venture. Our participants will be recognized as “top-tier companies” in their sectors and will become engines of economic growth in their communities. We envision creating a multiplier effect so that our graduates can not only be successful with all the tools and resources our organization provides, but also help other business owners achieve stability and, over time, lasting growth.
As a ripple effect, we expect our graduates to live by the 6 core values of the company and constantly seek opportunities to support the growth of others so that they can improve their economies, wherever they live. We are a cause of good and growth.

Six Values


Our Identity

In Celtic culture, the tree’s roots are firmly rooted in the earth and its branches reaching up into the sky became a symbol of strength over the centuries. This interwoven thread symbolizes the path of life that a person passes through to reach the center.
The center of the knot is the highest degree of progress. As a company we believe in sharing the map to success.
The Dara knot or knot of Infinity, represents wisdom, synergy, power, and leadership. All of them are part of the Values of our Company.
The Irish word “Doire” contains Gaelic roots meaning “oak”, and the knot shows both the tree and the root system. And it reminds us of courage in times of difficulty. As a company, we build strong organizations that will with stand the toughest storms.
We recognize that it takes a village to start a new venture. Our studio offers a spectrum of on-demand business-building services that combine the strength of our partner network to help you grow your business sustainably.

Our Invitation

If you believe that access to tools, resources, software, training, and a vast business network of manufacturers, workforce, mentors, lenders, and Investors can unlock the potential and improve the performance of local entrepreneurs to get their families and communities out of a generational financial insecurity situation, then we need to talk.
At Wealth Synergy we strive to form lasting partnerships with organizations like yours. Our systematic program can create effective local entrepreneurship support centers that catalyze innovators to expand big and beyond.
We focus on providing the means for our clients to grow, on giving access to quality business management education, on offering a safe environment so that they can develop their skills and increase their expertise and then advise them in making real business decisions that will positively impact their ventures.
With our approach, we can potentially increase the ability of underserved innovators to expand their businesses and benefit their communities if we work together.

Gerard Blakeley CEO of Wealth Synergy