White Lion Procurement

White Lion Procurement is a rising American sourcing and procurement service provider. We offer a direct connection with factories and manufacturers around the sourcing products and services from emerging markets such as Mexico, India and Vietnam, although we have the expertise for sourcing for wellknown markets such as China and Korea, We take care of supervising the quality and comply with your supply chain needsso that the product may be in your hands quickly and efficiently, with our extensive knowledge of the market we obtain the best deals at the best price in record time, with minimal or zero tariffs and affordable shipping.

Fire Quark

We a unique one-stop-shop for software development. We are talented developers ready to code challenging projects. Trust our team to deliver the best interface in all the products we develop, Our sharp skillset allows companies to up their game for WebApps, Mobile Apps, API, IT/OT Software, Industrial systems and any UI/UX Development needs. We serve companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises from all around the globe. Our team of designers has no comparison and is updated with current trends and styles. we are effective, we are fast, we are dedicated, we are costeffective and trustworthy, we are Firequark.

Virtuous Virtual Assistants

The only customer-oriented, affordable, polyglot, & top-notch skills VA agency for entrepreneurs and big corporations, We take pride in putting together the most powerful and successful high-performance teams for our clients. Knowing what the market needs, our team is constantly being trained in those skills our clients will need the most. We are specialists in making outsourcing easy and we are ready to start working with you right away.
We specialize in boosting businesses up! We are not some passive virtual assistants waiting for some tasks to be assigned for completion, on the contrary, we will give constant recommendations to actively support your business, while we support you in your daily assigned tasks. We want to see our clients grow! And we believe in always establishing win-win relationships with them.
Whether you’re a big corporation or small business owner, you may be having difficulty hiring the finest people for your company without putting your finances in danger! Our goal is to match you with a virtuous virtual assistant who will have a sharp mind, the finest skillset and a willing attitude, saving you both, time and money. Give us a call today!.

Media Phoenix

We are a one-of-a-kind Marketing Agency, very Customer Oriented, Accurate Marketing-Mix Driven, we have a straightforward combined Strategic Approach, we count on state‐of‐the‐art tools, and we only hire vetted Professional Experts to assess your business issues and generate strong. We believe that the core of marketing success should never be based on a single tool, channel, or ability, but the proportion of how all the available resources are mixed to create the forecasted result in our client’s audience. We have the expertise to bring people your amazing idea, service or product.