1. What is a Start up Studio?
A startup studio, also known as a startup foundry, startup factory or venture studio, is an organization that uses its pooled resources to establish enterprises out of market tested innovative concepts. To put it another way, a startup studio is a business that generates other Startups.
2. What are the eligibility requirements ?
  • The requirements for applicants are:
  • You can be from anywhere in the globe and your firm can be in any industry, as long as it’s an early stage innovative enterprise. You must be the CEO and have main decision making authority in the creation and administration of the venture’s growth and strategic vision. During the five month residency period, you must be able to devote at least 30 hours a week to the enterprise. Must have previously lived or worked in the United States or be eligible to get a visa for the residence phase. Must be able to communicate well in English. Must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program. May apply on your own or with up to one Co-Founder who meet the above eligibility requirements. Must be willing to contribute to the growth and development of Wealth Synergy community
  • The requirements for Ventures:
  • Must have an innovative and original process, service or product idea. The Enterprise must be in the early stages of development (from concept to $500,000 in yearly revenue). It must be a self-contained or autonomous business that is not controlled by an existing company. Must have plans for a long term revenue strategy based on the sale of a core product or service. It must be a for-profit, hybrid or undetermined endeavor. It may not be a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.
3.What benefits will I have when I partner up with wealth synergy ?
You will have a business partner who will take you by the hand through ideation, concept development, incorporation, raising capital and scaling, We will provide a comprehensive approach to your daily challenges by granting you with access to various resources, software tools, training and a vast business network of manufacturers, workforce, mentors, lenders and investors, all of these at a discounted price if we work together.
4.How long does the program takes ?
Depending on where you are in the startup process, the program usually takes 6 to 12 months.
5.What is the cost of the program?
The Cost of the Program must be asses on a case by case basis, based whether you are a product based company or service company, where are you at in your marketing efforts and the amount of human capital your business team will required, The time of development of any software, website or any required technological tool. This cost can either be faced in one payment or in a commitment based monthly payment.
6.Will I have access to all of your services once I’ve enrolled?
Short answer yes, as many as you want or need and under the contract’s guidelines have it determined.

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